We got Landon's name from a friends refernce. He said "Landon's the real deal" and he was right. When we started working with Landon on our album project we quickly realized that we didn't need a producer or music director, Landon is all those things rolled into one. Somehow with his low-key demeanor, he guided us with suggestions, without being over bearing. His knowledge of music & song structure is quite impressive but at the same time he let "us be us". He is very observant and has great ideas but did not get in the way of our creativity. You won't find a better engineer in a better studio anywhere than you will with Landon & Blast House.
- John Nokovic

I’ve been a full time drumming professional for many years. I’ve recorded in NYC, Boston and Chicago with a multitude of projects. If there’s one thing that rings true regardless of the city, it’s that a studio is only as strong as its engineer. Landon Arkens is a rare breed. Not only an outstanding musician, he possesses a special kind of brilliance between producer and engineer. He has the patience and ears to take your project exactly where you want it to go and will work with your vision. A calm, positive powerhouse behind the board. No need to travel – Madison is lucky to have him. If you’re serious about recording you need to talk to this guy. He’s the real deal. Did I mention Blast House is affordable?
-Ben Reigel

My experience recording and working with Landon Arkens at Blast House has been nothing but top notch. Professional, fast, efficient and always delivering great quality recordings, from rough mixes to the final mastering, I've always been completely satisfied! AND as a musician it's always good to know that with their great prices you can still afford your daily amount of Hawaiian Punch and Doritos and not be out on the curb!
-Kurt Baker

Absolutely loved working with Landon. Great engineer + great ears makes for an awesome project every time and Landon is just that. After having done three separate projects with him, we could not be happier with what we have produced. With Landon, it is apparent that when you are in the studio your project is priority #1 - nothing else matters at the time.
-Bradley Giroux (Maffa Rico)

Landon is a super chill, super professional dude. Had him mix and master an EP of mine, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!
-David Dickson (Norwei)

My band, Roadhouse Drifters, recently recorded some songs for a demo cd and couldn't be happier. The place is top notch - professional, well equipped, clean, and bright! The sound engineer Landon was ready to go the moment we got there, and was VERY accommodating. He has an excellent ear, and quickly helped us punch in to fix things that weren't quite perfect. He made suggestions and was obviously very committed to getting the best sound out of our group. It was much appreciated and we will definitely book our future recording sessions here. Thanks again Landon and Mike!
-Dave McGuire