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Amsterdam, Rock and Roll, Orchestra, and more..

posted Mar 29, 2010, 8:06 AM by Landon Arkens
Blast House saw a lot of activity in March.  I'm excited to announce that the owner, Mike Olson, promoted me to the honorary position as Head Engineer of the studio.  We've developed a seamless working relationship together, and I'm excited to see it enrich as our investment in the studio grows.  Last month I caught the attention of IK Multimedia, the makers of some excellent amp simulation plugins, and they've been very generous in their support of my work and Blast House's mission of having a world-class studio within financial reach of every musician.  A wide variety of projects kept me busy this month:

Tret Fure is a veteran Madison singer songwriter.  We began work on tracking her new record- Look forward to pure, clear vocals and acoustic guitar, lush choruses, and savory string arrangements.

Sebastiaan de Rode is a cellist from the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra.  He was visiting in Madison and performed a series of solo concerts.  I recorded two nights at Bon Appetit, which Sebastiaan talked about the next day on Wisconsin Public Radio.

Fedora began tracking their new album at Blast House.  They're a rock band that put the studio's isolation to the test.  Let it be known- If you're a Rock band wanting to record an album all playing in the same room together at the same time, Blast House is where you should be! -The bleed between instruments was an absolute minimum.

The Overture Center's production of Narnia came to Blast House to track and mix an orchestra and choir for their show.  Opening night is in 2 weeks!