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Fall News

posted Oct 18, 2010, 2:23 PM by Landon Arkens

Today is the last day that bands can enter in The Isthmus Band to Band Combat!  Mike and I have donated the top prize- 20 hours of recording time at Blast House, so if you haven't entered be sure to vote for the band that you'd most like to hear a new album from!

New music is added to the site.  Ian Olvera and Catch Kid recently celebrated their album releases.  A couple of samples from their full length albums can be listened to in the music player (doesn't support Safari browser).

I'm currently wrapping up mixes for The Big Payback and Kikeh Mato.  The Big Payback is a 9 piece band whose sound ranges from boisterously loud to smooth and vibey.  Kikeh Mato is world music with emphasis on rhythm and dance.  Both albums are scheduled to be released before the end of the year.

I've moved my mix studio into Studio B at Blast House.  It's a much more comfortable space and wonderfully accurate listening room.  Check out these pictures or come to our next open house to see and hear the place for yourself.