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Traditional Irish and Electro Klezmer

posted Dec 17, 2014, 3:48 PM by Landon Arkens   [ updated Dec 17, 2014, 3:48 PM ]
The Kissers 
I'm asked on a fairly regular basis what kind of music I record at Blast House. It's fun to tell people the wide range of genre that I get to work on and this month's releases showcases that range perfectly. Check out my music player to hear the full variety of projects that I work on.

From The Kissers' Bandcamp:

On Three Sails, The Kissers reach back to the roots of the music that first inspired them, exploring the more nuanced and delicate elements of trad Irish, deftly blended with a measure of the sturdy Celtic rock the band was built upon. Using traditional acoustic instruments like the uilleann pipes and the bodhrán (Irish drum) along with unusual tunings and odd time signatures, the band has reimagined itself while staying true to its essence. 

Standards like Recruiting Sergeant, Blackleg Miner, and Paddy’s Lament rest comfortably alongside fresh originals. For Foggy Dew, Monica Martin of PHOX guests on vocals, transforming a traditional tune into a work of breathtaking beauty and emotion. Three Sails is the sound of a skilled veteran band whose deep love for the music and relentless search for fresh musical inspiration have sparked a creative renaissance.

From Shtetlblasters' Facebook:

Happy Hanukkah from Shtetlblasters! After a long time in the making, we are happy to share our new album Freiheit (Yiddish for "Freedom") as a FREE download now through the end of Hanukkah. A radical world of klezmer, electro, free improv, funk, noise, and beyond!

Myself and Aaron Sherraden aside, this album wouldn't have been possible without the many musicians who contributed to it. Many thanks to Ali Hasneenin Nablus, West Bank, Bunhong CheakAli Benderdouch, and Rhiannon Johnson in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Etienne Rolin in Bordeaux, France, andBen WillisRucha TrivediMichael B MitmoenPatrick J BreinerNathan BlankettJames RichardJake Hausmann, Corey Evans, and Cole Williams in various corners of the US.

This album is dedicated to all those working for freedom, equality, safety, and dignity for all in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel.