The professional difference

Having your music professionally mixed is the biggest difference maker in getting a great sound. I have the experience and ability to dramatically elevate your sound to a radio ready presentation. If you're having trouble getting your mixes to sound just right or know from the onset of your project that you want to hire a professional mixer, send the files to me from wherever you live.

Straight-forward mixing / $150-$200/song 

This option gets you the professional sound you're after. Follow the submission guidelines listed below, partial vocal tuning for one track is included. For projects involving 1-5 songs the price per song is $200, while projects involving six or more songs the price per song is $150.

Mixing plus vocal tuning / $200-$250

If you have a vocal centric project, this option is for you. All vocal tuning gets done with Melodyne, industry-standard manual pitch correction software, which will give you the most natural sounding results possible. This price includes up to six vocal tracks being entirely pitch corrected. Additional vocal turning done at $50 an hour. 
For projects involving 1-5 songs the price per song is $250, while projects involving six or more songs the price per song is $200.

A cappella mixing / $150 per minute of music

Producing modern a cappella music requires a specialized skill set for mixers. My process ensures that your a cappella tracks are meticulously time-aligned, perfectly tuned, and treated to be competitive with your favorite voices-only group.

Song production / $400

Are you a singer/songwriter/rapper looking to have original music made for your work? I can help! If you send me a simple recording of yourself singing/rapping your song along with a lyric sheet and relevant notes about how you would like the music to sound I can take care of the rest. This service includes any combination of drums, guitar, bass, and keys in hip-hop, rock, pop, and folk genres.

Live show mixing / $200 + $3 per minute of music

You just played a killer show and the sound person was able to capture the multitrack recording - Cool! Upload the files to me and I'll mix the set for a live album or video release. 
The minutes of music is according to the final project time.

Guidelines for submission

- Project cost includes 1 revision. Additional revisions done at $50 hr.

- No more than 48 audio tracks total. In other words 48 mono tracks or 24 stereo tracks or any combination thereof.

- All track files must be "bounced" from the start of the "session." They should all be the same length. I'll provide additional info based on the software you are using to create your files.

- Please leave at least -6 dB of headroom on all tracks. This allows me to get the best sound out of your work.

- Pro Tools or Logic session folders accepted but all tracks must be consolidated and any essential FX must be "printed" in the tracks.

- Please send "dry" vocals with no eq/compression/other processing done. Just record your vocals and let me do the rest.