Please read the following info regarding attended sessions during the COVID pandemic. I'm asking that all musicians and singers who will be at the session complete the form at the bottom, signifying having read and agreed with these safety measures.

Masks Required

The studio is a small space with a couple of bottlenecks. For that reason I will be requiring mask wearing when moving around the facility. Masks may be removed when you are in an iso booth. You can bring your own mask or buy one from me on arrival.

Cancel anytime, ahead of time

Monitor your own health and get in touch with me anytime before your session start time to reschedule for any reason. There will be no penalty to your deposit for any rescheduled session if you get in touch with me before your scheduled start time.

Don’t show up with symptoms

Your session will be cancelled and deposit lost if anyone shows up with Covid symptoms. Don’t try to hide symptoms by taking suppressant drugs, but instead take advantage of my generous rescheduling policy above.

One client in the control room at a time

The control room is large enough for two socially distanced occupants, myself plus one other person. I will occupy the space with the wooden flooring and you may be in the carpeted space. Additional listening is available in the lounge.

Improved air quality

Several HEPA air purifiers are in use around the studio to aid air cleanliness.

Extra sanitation measures

Disposable headphone covers will be used. Microphone pop filters and headphone mixing stations will be sanitized between sessions. High contact spots (door handles, faucets, toilet, etc) will be sanitized between sessions.

Refrain from talking while eating

It's still important to stay fueled for a full day of recording. We ask that time spent unmasked for eating be kept to a minimum and please do not talk to one another while eating without a face covering.

No guests

Anyone not directly contributing to the project should stay home. This includes clients’ children and families.