Mastering / $60 for the first song

+$30 for each additional song in a project

  • My audio processing gets your final project sounding excellent and competitive with your favorite bands.

  • Files will be delivered in industry standard formats for CD duplication and digital download/ streaming, including meeting the specs for Mastered for iTunes.

  • I'll work with you until you're completely satisfied!

  • Extra charges for additional versions of each song (e.g. vinyl premaster, instrumental, clean, etc.)

With over a decade of experience, Landon Arkens is a mastering engineer in Madison, Wisconsin working at Blast House Studios, offering mastering for all genres and styles of music using a high quality monitoring and signal processing chain.

All projects are delivered to you accompanied with a licensed version of HOFA DDP Player to make sure you’re hearing your master in its truest form before approving it. High-resolution digital masters are included with each mastering project to ensure that your master files are within spec for the Apple Digital Masters program and other streaming platforms that accept high-resolution master files from your digital distributor. Vinyl pre-master files can also be created for traditional or lathe-cut vinyl production, if requested.

Whether recording, mixing or mastering, we can talk about how to get started.