What’s the studio rate?

  • The studio rate is $60/hour for all attended sessions. There’s a 3 hour booking minimum for most sessions, a 5 hour booking minimum for full band tracking sessions.
  • Online mixing and mastering sessions are done at a flat rate.

How do I book studio time?

  • First step is to find an open date by checking out my studio availability calendar.
  • After you’ve found a date that works for everybody, send me an email to request it.
  • When I receive the date request from you I’ll place a hold on the studio calendar for you and send back a link to our online confirmation and deposit payment form. We collect an approximate half payment deposit for the total time being booked, which can be payed online with a credit or debit card.
  • After I’ve received your completed form and deposit your session is confirmed!

What genres do you work with?

Can I pay a cash deposit?

Can I arrive to my session early to set up?

  • You can arrive up to 15 minutes ahead of your session start time.

Can I record vocals over instrumentals I found on YouTube?

  • Yes. However YouTube instrumentals and MP3s are “lossy” formats, meaning your finished product won’t sound as good compared to if you were to get in touch with the producer who created the instrumental and paid some money to lease the beat from them.
  • The preferred file format to bring in is .wav files. An even better option would be if you were to get the stems or track outs of the instrumental, allowing me to do more in depth mixing, getting you an even more professional sound.

What is mastering?

  • Album mastering is the process of making a collection of songs fit together as a family on an and sound their best on a wide range of listening devices. Audio processing gets applied to makes all the songs sonically relate well to each other and specific formatting tasked get performed to meet distribution standards for CD duplication and digital file delivery.

How should I prepare my files to send to you for mastering?

  • The final mixes should be printed with no audio processing on the master buss
  • 24 bit .wav files at the native sample rate of the project.
  • Leave at least 6db of headroom to ensure that no peaks in the audio clip your output.

Will my files be secure at the studio?

  • Active projects are backed up from our work drive onto a second hard drive and uploaded to a remote backup server every night. After the project is complete, it’s still kept on multiple drives for 3 months. After then it’s only kept on 1 drive, which tech experts will tell you is like not having the files at all! So it’s your responsibility to keep your archival copy of files safe for the long haul.

Is there a music ownership split when we work together?

  • No. All my services are "work for hire", which means you keep all ownership of the songs and recordings.

Do you want to barter with me?

No :^)

Can I take a tour of the studio and meet you?

Definitely! Send me an email and I’ll shoot back a couple of times over the next two weeks that I work for us to meet at the studio and chat about your project

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