• Project cost includes 1 revision. Additional revisions done at $60 hr (billed in 15min increments).

  • To qualify for multi-song project discounts all songs must be submitted at the same time unless another arrangement has been made.

  • Projects averaging more than 48 tracks per song are subject to additional charge.

  • Pro Tools, Logic, and GarageBand session folders accepted. Any essential effects must be printed to the audio file.

  • If not sending any of the three above session files, all track files must be "bounced" or “consolidated” from the start of the session to create a new, single audio region per track and ensure proper time alignment between all tracks.

  • One vocal or instrument per track. Be sure not to print multiple vocals or instruments onto a single track.

If you have yet to record your parts

  • Please leave at least -6 dB of headroom on all tracks. This allows me to get the best sound out of your work.

  • Please send "dry" vocals with no eq/compression/other processing done. Just record your vocals and let me do the rest.